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Top Computer Programming Languages

If you are getting yourself into the software developing world, there are a few program languages you should pick up on. It’s 2020 and information is everywhere, so there is no better time to start. The question is: Which programming language should you start with? In a sea of options, there are a few popular ones, mainly for their quality and for being adapted for beginners, so that ends up being the reason for our choices, today. Leave your keyboard aside for a moment, because I’m going to lead you through the best programming languages for you.

1 – Python

If you’re a beginner in this world, Python is not only the best way to start, but it’s also free. Created in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum, Python has a similar approach to the English language, being intuitive and easy to understand. It’s primarily used to process scientific data and create common gateway interfaces in various dynamic websites, and it’s extremely popular in areas like engineering, scientific computing, and a few others.

It gives its users extensive support modules and frameworks and prioritizes the readability above other characteristics. In a more fun and result-oriented view, this programming language is used to develop 2D imaging and 3D animation in various professional software and it’s also used to create famous video games, plus the fact that popular websites like youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest also use it.

2 – Java

“Write once, run anywhere” is the known motto of Java. In 1990, most developers were using C++, but then James Gosling along with his team at Sun Microsystems came up with a much easier option, Java.

Being an object-oriented system, and capable of multi-threading programming, it’s not that surprising that it rapidly took the software development world by its horns. However, its main aspect is the fact that it allows you to code anywhere, in any type of device you want. Popular around the web, this system is used in many famous platforms like Amazon, Google, Twitter, and many others. Java, since its release, never left the top 3 for most popular programming languages.

3 – Swift

For all the beginners, Swift might be the ideal answer. With a clean and simple language, made exactly to be beginner-friendly, Swift is getting pretty popular around developers.

Announced in 2014 and developed by Apple, this system works on Linux and iOS, and its main features include its readiness with multi-paradigm and compiled programming, and its simpler coding system, when compared to some other popular languages. In 2017, Swift made it into the top 10 list of the most popular languages and has been improving since then.

4 – Javascript

It’s impossible not to recognize this name even for the ones outside the programming world, and the reason is that it’s everywhere. Javascript is extremely famous among developers, not only being a system compatible with all the major browsers but also one of the 3 core technologies of the World Wide Web.

Literally, there is no virtual place where Javascript doesn’t run, as it goes through browsers, mobile devices, cloud, servers, and many others. It’s one of the most well-ranked programs and most developers have used or use this system in their careers. Not to forget there are a lot of famous websites we use everyday that run on Javascript!

5 – PHP

Directly from the ’90s, PHP is an acronym for Personal Home Page and it started as a side project of the developer, Rasmus Lerdorf. Although, throughout the years, it became bigger, with more functionalities, used mainly to create HTML pages, taking over more than half of the worldwide websites.

Another reason to be a developers’ favorite is that it’s cheap and gives the beginner an easy way to start. Lastly, pretty famous and the choice of big brands like Facebook and WordPress, PHP was ranked as the 8th most popular programming language in January 2020.

6 – C#

Developed by Microsoft in 2000, C sharp (or C#) is another programming language with some influences in older systems, like Java. It’s said that it was created as a rival to Java, and since its beginning, it proved itself as a powerful system and gained popularity among users.

It’s consistent, focused, logical and it shines in web application development, with great tools in VR, 2D and 3D gaming, as well. Dell, Bing, and Visual studio are among some of the popular websites where C# was used.

Final Thoughts

In recent years, programming languages have grown, not only because of big companies’ needs, but also due to a lot of people developing a passion for coding. In the generation of technology evolution many networks, companies, and freelancers work with online websites and platforms, so there is an obvious need for people with knowledge of these systems and languages. If you are looking to learn more about coding, these programs are definitely the best way to start. Hope this article was helpful and thank you for reading!

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