which software is best for video editing

Which Software Is Best for Video Editing

Nothing impresses more than a well-produced motion picture, so it’s not surprising that, nowadays, we are surrounded by digital information and entertainment, not to forget, a lot of jobs based around audio and video. When we are watching our YouTube tutorials or our favorite gossip channels there is no doubt that we want full quality and for the product to be eye catching, but so do the creators themselves. So today, I’m gonna give you the deets and help you with the best software for editing videos, but first, let’s talk about how important it is for you, as a creator, to own a quality one.

The Importance of a Good Software

So, why is it important? For any video creator it’s necessary to have the perfect tools, like writing a book – a lot of drafts are made before the final and public product. Filming something takes time and effort, and leaves virtually no room for mistakes, so we never really imagine the amount of behind-the-scenes work when we watch the final video. There’s a lot more going than we can think of, and here are some pointers on the importance of good and efficient video editing software.

1 – Cutting Here And There

Rarely do directors use the first take of a scene, some even going for double digits, as mistakes are made, unpredictable situations happen, and even some bloopers appear. Cutting in is a very effective way to achieve the intended goal, as filming can take hours and hours. With all the possibilities that can happen, cutting is the perfect way to mold the video into your desired result, with clean transitions that work as the glue between scenes. But let’s not forget, even in cutting scenes, timing it’s essential, meaning you should take your time, analyze it and be sure not to cut too soon or too late. As I’ve said, cutting allows the video to have a smooth flow, not only in terms of visual, but also in terms of the script, making it unnoticeable to uncover the flaws that could be made during filming. Amazing how much work goes into something we are used to seeing every day and don’t even understand the effort behind it.

2 – Different Angles

This is used so often, that for the regular Joe it seems so natural. A lot of videos are made with more than one camera, but even the ones where they only use one, different angles are used, so naturally, editing is essential to put all the pieces together for the final result. This is where the software is the main tool, as the effort of putting two distant videos together and making them work back to back, can be tricky. This editing technique is called Splicing, and it’s mostly applied in the movie industry since most shots are shot separately, but even in smaller or simpler videos, it’s also a great tool at your disposal.

3 – Lights… Sound… Action!

It’s impossible to hear about editing, and not think about messing with the sound and the overall light. There is a huge part of editing that is related to the visual aspect, but for a video, sound design is as important as the other aspects, specially in modern cinema, where we can take advantage of incredible surround systems (even if it’s just a little background melody). Besides that, raw footage can have a lot of flaws, mainly in the quality of the colors if filmed outside or somewhere with too much/less light. The sound is no different, even with a quality microphone it needs, most of the time, some touches. The point is that good software will make huge changes in the quality of the final product, as a whole and cover all the little things that were missed in the filming process.

Now that we’ve mentioned how important it is to work with great tools, it’s time to present our top choice:

Adobe Premiere Pro

There are a lot of video editing software out there in the market, but our go-to is Adobe Premiere Pro. Why this one, in a sea of software? This is the best video editing software available at the moment, and it’s from one of the biggest brands used by professionals all around the world – Adobe Systems.

Not only it has one of the best effects of chroma key, but it also lets the user interact with other programs by Adobe, like After Effects, Lightroom, Photoshop, and many others, making the work process much easier and more efficient and offering professionals all types of options.

Another great characteristic is the fact that it is an always updating system, and recently it has added a few new features like supporting VR content, HDR video, and even 4K. A fan favorite, a lot of big companies use this program for some amazing films we all know and love, like Deadpool or Gone Girl.

CNN was an early one to acquire this software, being followed by a few more big names in the industry. Already full of perks, this software is also relatively easy to learn, since there are a lot of tutorials on the web, even though the program itself also leads the user to the best performance possible, with simple language and easy access to your projects.

The Result

Either it’s your work, your hobby, or even your passion, we want you to have the best software the market offers, so don’t forget to get your camera on and adventure yourself in the creative world of video editing. Hope this helped you understand better how a video can reach higher grounds with the right editing and thank you for reading.

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